Vitamin B-12

energy, mental clarity, stamina

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin known as cobalamin. This vitamin plays a vital role in brain function and the production of DNA and red blood cells. B12 can be stored in the liver for a long time, so it may take a few years for a deficiency to develop.

Possible B-12 Benefits:

● Strengthens the immune system
● Improves quality of sleep
● Speeds metabolism, thereby aiding in weight loss
● Reduces allergies, stress, and depression
● Increased mood stability
● Lessens the frequency and severity of migraines/headaches
● Helps lower homocysteine levels, thereby reducing the probability of heart disease and strokes

B-12 Deficiency can cause:

● Weakness, tiredness, or lightheadedness
● Heart palpitations and shortness of breath
● Pale skin
● Constipation, diarrhea, loss of appetite, or gas
● Nerve problems like numbness or tingling, muscle weakness, and problems walking
● Vision loss
● Mental problems like depression, memory loss, or behavioral changes


Single Vitamin B-12 Injection - $20


Package of 4 Vitamin B-12 Injections - $64


Package of 8 Vitamin B-12 Injections - $112


Package of 12 Vitamin B-12 Injections - $144

What to Know Before your Visit

Our healthcare professionals provide this service to patients 18 years or older. This service is not available to pregnant women. We work as quickly as possible to provide you with quality care.

Each shot takes a few mins to prepare and a few moments to administer. This can take a between 5 to 10 minutes. At the end of your visit, your practitioner will provide you with a summary, a receipt, and educational material.

Possible Side Effects or Contraindications

● A B12 injection is safe and generally has no side effects, even in higher doses.
● Some redness or swelling can occur at the injection site. These symptoms should resolve within 48 hours.
● In rare cases, B12 can cause diarrhea, peripheral vascular thrombosis, itching, transitory exanthema, urticaria, or swelling of the body.
● Sensitivity to Cobalt and/or Cobalamin is a contraindication.
● People with chronic liver or kidney dysfunction should not take frequent B-12 injections; therefore we ask that you please provide us with a recent copy of lab work, which reflects liver and kidney function. This lab work is usually referred to as a metabolic panel. If you have not checked your lab work recently we ask that you get a complete blood workup as soon as possible.
● B12 is contraindicated with Leber’s disease, a hereditary optic nerve atrophy disease.